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Alaska Women’s Recovery Project

Organization: SouthCentral Foundation
Address: 4501 Diplomacy Drive, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99508
Program Director: Vera Paschke
Telephone: (907) 729-5090
Fax: (907) 729-5000
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: Recovery Community Support
Grant Number:


The Alaska Women’s Recovery Project trains women in recovery to interact with various service systems via peer led support groups, skill building workshops, and opportunities for leadership. The project is also educating the public via public service announcements and other media in an effort to reduce the stigma and bias associated with women in recovery. Emphasis is placed on developing long-term alliances and partnerships to improve policies and programs with input from recovering women who are significantly affected by them. Although the focus of the project is on women in recovery, the education component and potential impact of this project is for all Alaskans because substance abuse affects women, their families and entire communities.

The project’s goal is to provide a safe and nurturing place for women supporting women in recovery from substance abuse and from other associated life traumas including sexual and physical abuse, by providing a venue where women can share their experiences and learn life skills. The project is working toward establishing a women’s recovery community center for the project so that it won’t have to rely on other organizations to hold its regularly scheduled activities.

Indian Nation Served
None specified.

Key Components
Twice weekly peer led support groups are held along with quarterly skill building workshops and family recreational activities. A central topic is chosen by the women to focus on for each month’s activities. Skill building activities include problem solving, leadership, negotiation, communication, and setting healthy boundaries. Women do not have to be in treatment to participate in the program. There are plans to develop a peer/mentor program for women have been released from prison.

Evaluation Design
The project uses CSAT’s required GPRA measures which include client satisfaction surveys.

Evaluation Results
The project uses CSAT’s required GPRA measures which include client satisfaction surveys.

Products Developed
Three public service announcement (PSAs) were developed by the project with under the campaign title of “Putting a Face on Recovery.” Recovering women in the project were in the PSAs. The PSAs have been shown not only in Anchorage but statewide and has resulted in hundreds of calls made to the project.