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Staying Together Project

Organization: Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma
Address: #1 Rush Buffalo Road
Tonkawa, OK 74653
Program Director: Joann O’Bregon
Telephone: (580) 628-7021
Fax: (580) 628-7038
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: Community Planning
Grant Number: TI4891


The Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma, acting through the tribal department of Substance Abuse Services, (The Staying Together Project) will initiate a planning initiative to determine stakeholder perceptions of substance abuse issues, identify gaps in services and produce a tribal services plan. The planning project shall be crafted to further reveal and define substance abuse treatment disparities and to reconcile and overcome the pervasive sense of cultural isolation and alienation often experienced by many American Indians who suffer a substance abuse disorder. The target population for the Staying Together Project shall be the 13,213 American Indians, both male and female, who reside within or contiguous to the tribal services areas. It is estimated that 20% (2,642) of the service population may require some level of substance abuse treatment. The cultural appropriateness of the project, often lacking in mainstream treatment approaches, shall be assured through the active participation of the tribal leaders, tribal members, and highly qualified and experienced staff who bring their own traditional beliefs and values to the planning implementation, and evaluation processes.


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