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Ahmium Education, Inc. CSAP HIV/AIDS Grant

Organization: Ahmium Education, Inc.
Address: 701 Esplanade Ste H
San Jacinto, CA 92582
Program Director: Deborah DeForge
Telephone: (800) 924-8744
Fax: (909) 654-3089
Funding Agency: CSAP
Funding Program: HIV/AIDS Services
Grant Number: SP10270


Ahmium Education, Inc.?s Native American Youth Making A Difference Project (NAYMAD) is a Substance Abuse and HIV prevention program for youth ages 9-22 which utilizes peer educators to teach Native American youth about the dangers of substance abuse and unsafe sex, that can increase the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS. Activities will focus on Gatherings of Native American Youth in settings where the health related topics will be addressed. The goals of the program are to increase awareness of and provide prevention strategies for substance abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Native American community and to decrease the number of cases in Riverside, San Bernardino, and North San Diego counties.


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