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This is part of a Suicide Prevention project that includes the Guide to Suicide Prevention.

This directory was developed under a contract from the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS: SAMSHA) to identify individual consultants of multiple levels of expertise for Indian Country. The primary focus of CMHS was for consultants who could provide support on suicidal behavior. However, suicidal behavior occurs in conjunction with alcohol and drug use, depression and other social, environmental and health difficulties. Thus, this directory includes lay people, Elders, program directors, skilled, licensed and certified clinicians, grant writers, and program evaluators. It also includes individuals from many ethnic groups, including many American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Criteria for Inclusion
Inclusion in this directory represents those who are “nominated” from a number of reputable sources. The objective is to identify people who are respected and trusted by their peers and have expertise useful to Indian Country. Inclusion into this directory is the result of polling the following:

  • I.H.S. Area Service Directors
  • I.H.S. Area Mental Health Directors
  • State Directors of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs
  • American Indian Professional Organizations
  • Networks of respected colleagues

Data Collection and Directory Organization
Data are collected for each consultant using a data collection sheet developed for this purpose. In most cases, data was obtained via phone calls; in other cases it was acquired via email attachment correspondence with the nominated consultant. The individuals listed on this site gave expressed permission for inclusion of their professional contact information in published sources (i.e. printed documents and One Sky Center’s web site).

The Consultant Services Directory is continually being updated so not all consultants may have complete profiles available. One Sky Center staff makes every effort to update database content as new information is made available.

Consultants, if your information needs to be updated please e-mail Patricia Silk Walker or Laura Loudon to provide correct information.  If you prefer, you may speak with Dr. Silk Walker or Ms. Loudon at 503.494.3703 .

The Fine Print
One Sky Center provides this information as a resource service only. To our knowledge, this listing includes people with experience and skills working in Native communities. However, It is the responsibility of the individuals who elect to work with a consultant to perform background checks and gather additional information as needed.

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State Directors of Substance Abuse and Mental Health