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Creating a Comprehensive System of Care for Native Americans

Organization: Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio
Address: 4094 North Clayton
Montgomery County, OH 45309-0335
Program Director: Michael London
Telephone: (937) 833-9393
Fax: (937) 833-9494
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: Community Planning
Grant Number: TI14925


The overall intent of this initiative is to move the community forward in its level of community readiness/capacity to actively address the substance abuse, mental health, and health-care issues of Native Americans in Central Ohio. To this end we have established the following goals: (1) to develop a Native-focused coalition in Central Ohio; (2) to comprehensively assess the substance abuse, mental health and primary health-care needs of our community; (3) to identify and review culturally specific, evidence-based models and programs for potential local adaptation and implementation; (4) to develop a consensus-based community plan for a comprehensive system of care for Native Americans in Central Ohio; and (5) to widely disseminate the results and lessons learned from our project. The initiative will utilize the SAMHSA-funded Prevention Decision Support System as a web-based tool to provide a research-based framework to organize our work. The community-planning component will utilize the Strategic Mapping Model to chart the starting point, route, destination and community journey to implement a system of care for Native Americans. A formal, consensus-based approach that utilizes a variety of group facilitation techniques will be used for all planning meetings and community events to encourage active participation and long-term buy-in into the initiative.


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