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Eagle Wing Substance Abuse Planning

Organization: Eagle Wing Recovery Services
Address: P.O. Box 507
Hoopa, CA 95546
Program Director: Richard Marshall
Telephone: (530) 625-4240
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: Community Planning
Grant Number: TI14839


Eagle Wing Recovery Services, Inc. is a community-based Indian operated non-profit corporation formed pursuant to the laws of the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe in Humboldt County, CA. Eagle Wing is unique in that it has been providing the only sweat lodge ceremonies in the Hoopa Valley as a holistic approach to treating substance abuse and mental health disorders. Eagle Wing will partner with the K’ima:w (Hupa word for good medicine) Medical Center to begin the process of community-based strategic planning around the issue of delivering culturally appropriate treatment and other related services. The process will involve community stakeholders, including tribal leadership, the Director of Human Services, the Chief of Police, the Chief Judge of the Tribal Court, and the service providers, in order to develop a community-based plan and implement a model program that will link tribal policy making with prevention, substance abuse treatment, mental health and primary medical care, including HIV/AIDS prevention.


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