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Friendship House Healing Center

Organization: Friendship House Association of American Indians
Address: 56 Julian Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103
Program Director: Jenny Wiley
Telephone: (415) 865-0964
Fax: (415) 865-5428
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: TCE/HIV
Grant Number: TI13140


The Friendship House Healing Center grant is a collaboration with the Native American Health Center (NAHC) to expand substance abuse treatment capacity and HIV services for Native Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area who have a history of involvement in the criminal justice system. The program integrates the Friendship House Association’s residential and outpatient substance abuse services with medical care and mental health treatment by linking Native American service providers in a continuum of care to expand capacity in a culturally relevant and professionally competent way. Linkage with NAHC, a licensed community clinic and federally qualified health center targeting Native Americans, enhances access to existing HIV/AIDS, STD, TB, hepatitis B and C services for Friendship House clients. NAHC provides medical, dental, case management and primary AIDS care at clinics in San Francisco and Oakland. The NAHC Family & Child Guidance Clinic provides outpatient substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling for Native Americans. The capacity expansion provided by the Friendship House Healing Center program are designed to accomplish the program?s objectives of eliminating substance abuse and reducing involvement with the criminal justice system.

?Increase the number of outpatient treatment slots for Native Americans with a history of involvement in the criminal justice system.

?Expand organizational capacity to provide a more comprehensive array of community-based and culturally relevant substance abuse treatment services, including mental health, case management and medical services through linkages with other Native American organizations.

?Enhance accessibility of HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB and Hepatitis B and C services through increased outreach and risk reduction activities.

?Reach out to Native Americans involved in the criminal justice system and their families to increase their participation in positive community activities.

Indian Nation Served
Tribes from California and beyond.

Key Components
?Provide substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS services to Native American clients released from prisons and jails through a comprehensive continuum of care, including, outpatient counseling, case management, residential treatment, aftercare support and cultural activities.
?Provide outpatient services to clients each year who are on the waiting list for residential treatment, who can benefit from outpatient counseling or who need additional support after completing residential and aftercare treatment
?Provide family interventions and/or mental health services to clients integrated with substance abuse treatment services.
?Provide HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB and Hepatitis B and C services by referring clients to the Native American Health Center?s medical clinic for medical assessment, HIV testing, primary medical care, nurse case management, and risk reduction counseling.

Evaluation Design
CSAT required GPRA data will be collected.

Evaluation Results
CSAT required GPRA data will be collected.

Products Developed
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