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Hudson Lake Healing Camp

Organization: Copper River Native Association
Address: Mile 104 Richardson Highway, Drawer H
Copper Center, AK 99573
Program Director: Gary Ten Bear
Telephone: (907) 822-5241
Fax: (907) 822-8804
Funding Agency: South Central Foundation
Funding Program:
Grant Number:


This program provides substance abuse treatment program in remote locations with cabins for residents who gather wood, tend to cooking and heating fires, maintaining the camp. Treatment groups and one-on-one counseling sessions are provided. Clients experience traditional Alaskan Native village life in harmony with the traditional practice of 40 days of inner reflection and spiritual guidance.

Serve 7 cohorts with 9 to 12 people per cohort annually

Provide free services

Sustain program through Medicaid

Receive CARF Certification

Indian Nation Served
Copper River

Key Components
Use Wounded Warrior Book, Strengthening the Spirit material published by Hazeldon, one on one counseling, group work through talking circles, good hard work in remote area.

Evaluation Design
Use the AKAIMS instrument

Evaluation Results
Use the AKAIMS instrument

Products Developed