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Insights to Healing: Co-Occurring Disorders

Organization: Fairbanks Native Association
Address: 201 First Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Program Director: Dawn Schulze
Telephone: (907) 452-6251
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: TCE
Grant Number: TI 14915


The Insights to Healing program will establish an innovative residential program integrating substance abuse and mental health treatment with a focus on cultural reintegration to heal the intergenerational trauma underlying these disorders among Alaska Natives. The Insights to Healing program will use an integrated team of substance abuse case managers, mental health clinicians, and a cultural coordinator to facilitate clients’ progress through a three-phase program. In phase one, clients will stabilize and begin to engage in the treatment process-understanding the process and wanting recovery. During phase two, clients will either remain at the Fairbanks Native Association’s Ralph Perdue Center, if doing well, or transfer to the Old Minto Recovery Camp -an Alaska Native tradition-based substance abuse treatment facility for culture- intensive treatment. Phase three will see clients once again based out of the Ralph Perdue Center as they commence reintegration with society through FNA outpatient services, a group home, or an anticipated FNA transitional living facility. This co-occurring disorders program serves as the meeting place of three collaborative treatment forces: traditional substance abuse treatment, mental health care, and cultural reintegration.


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