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Little Wound School CSAP Family Strengthening Grant

Organization: Little Wound School
Address: P.O. 500
Kyle, SD 57752
Program Director: Linda Hunter
Funding Agency: CSAP
Funding Program: Family Strengthening
Grant Number: SP09295


Little Wound School, Inc. seeks to increase Lakota family resilience and increase protective factors against substance abuse and violence through increasing one reservation community’s capacity to deliver a culturally congruent family strengthening project. There is a significant need for family strengthening among the Lakota that includes an emphasis on parental competence, parental support, and a positive relationship with the community school. Strengthening Lakota families entails reclaiming their inherent right to raise their children as Lakota and to impart traditional protective factors against alcohol and other drug abuse as well as violence. The help of the Takini Network will be enlisted to build consensus in the reservation community, identify and culturally modify a family strengthening program, deliver the program and evaluate the process of community involvement as well as the effectiveness of the adapted model.


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