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National Indian Youth Leadership Project, Inc. CSAP HIV/AIDS Services Grant

Organization: National Indian Youth Leadership Program, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 2140
Gallup, NM 87301-4711
Program Director: McClellan Hall
Telephone: (505) 722-9176
Fax: (505) 722-9794
Funding Agency: CSAP
Funding Program: HIV/AIDS Services
Grant Number: SP10199


The National Indian Youth Leaders Project (NIYLP) proposes a culturally focused substance abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention program for Navajo and other high-risk youth living on and around the Navajo Reservation in Gallup/McKinley County, New Mexico. The proposed interventions are aimed at reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors related to the dual epidemic of substance use and HIV/AIDS infection. This program must be respectfully implemented in a complex cultural context which frowns on any direct communication regarding a long list of ?taboo? subjects such as sex, illness, pregnancy, and ATOD. Thus, the unique project design utilizing positive, culturally and developmentally appropriate programming to improve skills which build the life-long resilience needed to have a healthy and productive life in the midst of one of the most high risk environments in the country. These interventions include a youth development program designed to improve decision making skills and healthy relationship building skills and knowledge within the context of outdoor experiential education group, service-learning activities, talking circles, as well as interventions which reconnect youth with traditional activities and values involving families, elders and the community/tribe.


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