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Native American Wellbriety Path

Organization: City of Gallup
Address: P.O. Box 1270
Gallup, NM 87305
Program Director: Raymond Daw
Telephone: (505) 722-2177
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: TCE
Grant Number: TI 13807


The City of Gallup, NM (once labeled “America’s drunkest city,”) has some of the country’s most innovative alcohol-reduction policies. The City will now expand its traditional Native American residential pilot program, through its contractor Na’nizhoozhi Center (NCI), into a life-long treatment paradigm -the Native American Wellbriety Path (based on a spiritual Community Reinforcement Model). As the foundation for a life-long journey towards a healthy life, Gallup’s Wellbriety Path utilizes a modularized curriculum of Dine’ and inter-tribal cultural/spiritual teaching. Unlike most ‘one-shot’ treatment approaches emphasizing alcohol awareness and AA-type of sobriety support, the life-long NCI model emphasizes traditional Dine’ Ke’ (clanship-relative relationships), Native American cultural and spiritual teaching, alternatives to drinking, life-skill training, and peer-based support. NCI is a carefully designed multi-governed, non-profit facility built as a high-volume, low-cost, culturally-empowered Native American detox/crises center in 1991. In this next step, the City Of Gallup will contract with the sub-recipient NCI to increase their bed space, expand their current curriculum into progressive phases, increase critical one-on-one counseling, and improve the overall quality of associated critical services.


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