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The Pathway Home

Organization: Southcentral Foundation
Address: 4501 Diplomacy Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508
Program Director: Rayna Neumiller
Telephone: (907) 729-5020
Fax: (907) 729-5027
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: TCE
Grant Number: TI12406


During the grant, the project expanded residential treatment for adolescent Alaska Natives, by 16 beds per year (for a total of 32 beds) but it’s maximum capacifity is currently 30 beds. The purpose of the grant was to fill a gap in the continuum of treatment for Native adolescent substance abusers requiring inpatient treatment in a community oriented setting with educational, vocational, cultural, and familial aspects.

Southcentral Foundation believes that each person is an individual with a delicate balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts. To achieve wellness, each student?s culture must be respected and valued. In keeping with traditional ways, Southcentral Foundation fosters individual growth and development through understanding and supporting each student?s cultural identity, vision, values, view of growth and change. The purpose of The Pathway Home is to reduce the incidence of chemical dependency and mental health problems among youth through multidisciplinary approaches to promote wellness for the individual, family and community. The Foundation believes that wellness can be achieved only within the context of the community, and that accountability, vocational development, learning, and leading others are principles of successful living. Within the program, all disciplines are responsible for helping students with meeting their treatment goals.

Indian Nation Served
Inupiaq, Yup?ik, Aleut, Athabascan, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimsian.

Key Components
There are four main components to The Pathway Home. The Residential component addresses the concept of community and how individual behavior affects everyone as a whole. The Clinical aspect acknowledges the need to heal from the pain of previous experiences in order to truly live a healthy life. Learning, the third component, encompasses traditional schooling as well as vocational training. Lastly, Recreation emphasizes the benefits of regular exercise on physical and emotional well-being.

Evaluation Design
The Pathway Home does yearly evaluations in accordance to CSAT standards as well as quality improvement evaluations.

Evaluation Results
The Pathway Home does yearly evaluations in accordance to CSAT standards as well as quality improvement evaluations.

Products Developed
None specified.