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Tohono O’odham Nation–Brief Strategic Family Therapy

Organization: Tohono O’odham Nation
Address: P.O. Box 810
Sells, AZ 85634
Program Director: Jane Latane
Telephone: (520) 383-6165
Fax: (520) 383-5516
Funding Agency: CSAT
Funding Program: TCE
Grant Number: TI16282


The Targeted Capacity Expansion grant will increase early intervention services for adolescents ages 11 ?17 and for their families through provision of the model program, Brief Strategic Family Therapy. Traditional and spiritual ways of the Tohono O’odham Nation will also be applied as part of the program.

The program will have 4 counselors who will make home visits to famliies on the reservation in need of servicess using the Brief Strategic Family Therapy as well as cultural components tailored to the family. Families need for services will be identified by staff from a consortia of program partners including police, child welfare, schools, social services, and other agencies operating on the reservation.

Indian Nation Served
Tohono O’odham Nationa is the second largest reservation in the United States with a population of over 25,000 people and has numerous villages and districts within the reservation.

Key Components
Brief Strategic Family Therapy is delivered in 8-12 weekly, 1-1.5 hr. sessions. The family meets with a counselor in their home or in the program office. Family strengths and problems are diagnosed and a strategy to capitalize on strengths and correct problematic family relations is developed and implemented to reinforce family behaviors that sustian new areas of family competence.

Evaluation Design
Collection of CSAT required GPRA data.

Evaluation Results
Collection of CSAT required GPRA data.

Products Developed
None planned.