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White Bison, Inc. CSAP Community Disparities Grant

Organization: White Bison, Inc.
Address: 6145 Lehman Dr. Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Program Director: Don Coyhis
Telephone: (719) 548-1000
Funding Agency: CSAP
Funding Program: Community Disparities
Grant Number: SP09203


A collaborative of American Indian organizations headed by White Bison proposes a comprehensive plan to reduce disparities in access to effective services to prevent alcohol and drug abuse plus a wide range of associated negative outcomes (i.e., depression, suicide, school failure, teen pregnancy, FAS/FAE, HIV/AIDS and violence) in one of the nation?s highest risk groups-American Indian girls, ages 8-12. The main objective is to develop and evaluate a gender-relevant adaptation of the Strengthening Families Program with 450 American Indian families and girls ages 8-12 from five local organizations connected with While Bison Firestarter Chapters. This will be accomplished by conducting a community-based development/adaptation and implementation/evaluation of the effectiveness of an evidence-based, model family skills training approach.


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